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Things that have all characteristics of life are called? Organisms
A__ is the smallest unit of life Cell
lliving things grow by increasing cell size and/or increasing cell number Growth & developmentl
Living things make more livinig things through this process Reproduction
Living things adjust and respond to changes in their internl and external enviorments Response to stimuli
Living things use energy for all processes they peform Use of energy
Who later came up with a 5 kingdom system of classification Robert h. Whittaker
Who created a better system of classifiction based on similar structures and placed every organism into two main groups Linnaeus
How many domains are there? 3
What are the three domains Bacteria, archae, & eukarya
How many kingdoms are there? 6
What are the six kingdoms? Eubacteria, archeabacteria,protista,fungi,plant& animalhow many levels are the kingdoms seperated into
What is a mnemonic device we use to remember the 6 groups in a kingdom King philip/ david came over for good spaghetti
Gives each organism a two-word scientific name Binomeal nomenclature
Created by: Megan0253