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Chapter 55&56 - Geog

Secondary Economic Activities

Economic Activities are Jobs
Secondary Economic Activities are Jobs in factories
Inputs of Secondary Economic Activities are 1.Raw Materials 2.Labour 3.Factory 4.Money 5.Transport
Outputs of Secondary Economic Activities are 1.Finished Product 2.Money
Heavy Industry Use heavy, bulky raw materials to produce heavy bulky products in large factories
Light Industry Use lighter less bulky raw materials to produce lighter smaller products. Usually found in industrial estates
Industrial Estate Areas where lots of industry and factories are found.
Examples of Heavy Industry 1.Cement making 2.Steel making 3.Car manufacturing
Examples of Light Industry 1.Computer making 2.Textile(Clothes)
Infrastructure means Servces
Important infrastructure for Industry includes services such as 1.Good Roads 2.Closeness to markets 3.Electricity 4.Water Supply 5.Waste Disposal 6.Access to Raw Materials 7. Access to workers
8 factors which influence the location of industry 1.Raw Materials 2.Labour Supply 3.Transport 4.Access to markets 5.Services(Infrastructure) 6.Money 7.Government Grants 8.Owners preference
Footloose industries are industries which are not tied to one particular area and can be found all over the world.
Most modern industries are footlosse industries because 1.Electricity is their source of power 2.They are usually light industries 3.This means, transport of raw materials and finished products is easier because they are small and light and because of good road networks.
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