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unit 2 test study G

Mid-Unit 2 Test Study Guide

Which would have more energy a 10kg ball from 10m or a 5kg ball falling from 25m 5kg ball falling from 25m
what is the potential energy of a 10kg book that is placed on a shelf that is 2.5 meters high 245J
a truck is cruising down the highway at 75mph Kinetic Energy
a snowman is sitting at the top of a hill Potential Energy
a snowball is rolling down a hill with a speed of 2m/s kinetic and potential
a snowflake is falling from the sky kinetic and potential
16N north and 16N south balanced
16N north and 16N east unbalanced
16N north and 16N west unbalanced
how will the motion of a ball on the ground changed if the ball encounters a frictional force that opposes its motion the ball would slow down
what determines the net force when more than one force is acting on an object the sum of all the forces acting on the object
what does is mean if the Net Force acting on an object is 0 N equilibrium
what type of force always causes change in speed, direction, or both unbalanced force
what is a common unbalanced force acting on objects in motion friction
if a baseball and a cannonball are dropped from the same height at the same time, and there is no air resistance, which ball will hit the ground first they will hit at the same time
friction acting on a rolling ball to eventually bring the ball to a stop is an example of which type of force unbalanced
what is the force weight of a 45 kg desk 441N
what is the mass of a 35N cat 3.57
Created by: smileyk