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er 36 and 37

-ior quam than
-que and
ad tempus on time
adulescens young man
castigare to reprimand
collabor collapse
conatus est he tried
consequor overtake
cotidie daily
egredior go out
egressi sunt went out
eruditus, a, um learned
etiamisi even if
experior test, try
experitur he tests
grammaticus teacher
huc to here
ientaculum breakfast
ingredior go in
libenter gladly
loqueris are talking
loquer talk
ludus school
moratus est has stayed
moror delay, remain
paedagogus tutor
paulum a little
persuadere to persuade
pistrinum bakery
pridie day before
proficiscetur will set out
proficiscor set out
quam whom,which,that
quam -issime as/ as possible
Quam! How/What!
Quam? How?
quo/eo celerius the faster/ the faster
regredior go back
regressus est has returned
rursus again
sane certainly
scriblita tart
secunti sunt they followed
sequor follow
sis if you wish
tristis sad
utilis useful
vel oe
vereor be afraid
viginti twenty
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