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Reid 7 Culture/geo.

Culture and Geography Reid 7

culture beliefs, customs, practices, and behavior of a particular nation or group of people
cultural trait idea or way of doing things that is common in a certain culture
norm behavior that is considered normal in a particular society
culture region area in which a single culture or cultural trait is dominant
cultural landscape geographic area that has been shaped by people
society group of humans with a shared culture who have organized themselves to meet their basic needs
family two or more people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption
nuclear family family that consists of parents and their children
extended family family that includes parents, children, and other family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
social structure pattern of organized relationships among groups of people within a society
social class group of people living in similar economic conditions
language set of sounds or symbols that make it possible for people to communicate; also, the language of a community or a nation
religion people's beliefs and practices about the existence, nature, and worship of a god or gods
ethics beliefs about what is right and wrong
universal theme subject or theme that relates to the entire world
visual arts art forms such as painting, sculpture, and photography
architecture the design and construction of buildings
architect person who designs buildings
music art form that uses sound, usually produced by instruments or voices
literature written work such as fiction, poetry, or drama
cultural hearth place where cultural traits begin and from which they spread to surrounding cultures regions
cultural diffusion spread of cultural traits from one culture to another
diversity to add variety to
science knowledge of the natural world
irrigate to supply water
standard of living level of comfort enjoyed by a person or society
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