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Geography Ch.10

Climate Systems and Climate Change

Climatology the study of climate and its variability, analyzes long term weather patterns over time and space and the controls that produce Earth's diverse climatic conditions.
Climatic regions one type of climatic analysis that locates area of similar weather statistics and groups them into...
Climates greatly influence... ecosystems, the natural, self regulating communities formed by plants and animals in their nonliving environment.
The principal elements of climate are.. insolation, temperature, pressure, air masses, and precipitation.
Temperature form a coupling of dynamic forces in the atmosphere to Earth's pattern of atmospheric pressure and resulting global wind and ocean systems.
Moisture the remaining input to climate which is represented by precipitation in all its forms.
tow principal climatic components temperature and precipitation
Classification the process of ordering or grouping data or phenomena into related classes.
Classification Categories the basis of any classification system is the choice of criteria or causative factors used to draw line between categories.
Sic basic climate categories Tropical, Mesothermal, microthermal, Polar,Highland, and Dry.
Tropical rain forest, monsoon, savanna
Mesothermal humid subtropical, marine west coast, mediterranean
microthermal humid continental, subarctic
Polar tundra, ice caps and ice sheets, polar marine
Highland only one climate category is based on moisture efficiency as well as temperature
Dry arid deserts.
Created by: Daehee So