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Nursing- Mobility

Fowlers position for people who have difficulty breathing or some people w/ heart problems
orthopneic posiion sits in bed or side of bed with head down, good for clients who have trouble exhaling
supine/dorsal recumbent promotes healing after certain surgeries like spinal
prone position only used when clients back is aligned correctly, short pds of time, no evidence of spinal abnormalities.
Lateral position reduces lordosis and promotes good back alignment. Helps relieve pressure from sacrum, heels
Sims position Unconscious clients, paralyzed clients. enemas treatment of perennial area
Functional strength ability to perform work
Activity tolerance type or amount of activity/exercise and individual is able to perform without experiencing adverse effects
Isotonic exercise muscle shorten to produce muscle contraction and active movement. ADL's or active ROM
Isometric exercise muscle contraction without moving the joint. Strengthen abs, gluts, quads
Created by: bns5192