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Romantic Era

Music Appreciation Exam 4: prelude 5: The spirit of Romanticism

What song type repeats the same melody every stanza of the poem? strophic form
What song type proceeds from beginning to end without repetition of whole sections? through-composed
What is the intermediate song type between strophic and through-composed called? modified strophic form
What is a German-texted solo vocal song called? Lied
What is a group of lieder unified by some narrative thread or descriptive or expressive theme called? A song cycle
What fostered the rise of a middle class or Bourgeois society? the French Revolution
Romantic poets and artists turned to what type of subject in the Romantic Era? passionate
What did novels begin to explore in the Romantic Era? deep human conflicts and exotic settings and subjects
What changed a lot through Europe and America? The industrial revolution
What spread across Europe and America? Music conservatories
What type of subjects did romantic composers use? nationalistic, folkloric, and exotic
Who excelled and established prominent careers? women
The romantic era marked when performing musicians became ______ thanks to the development of the middle class. stars
Why did the development of the middle class impact the popularity of the Musicians' music? They no longer relied on aristocratic patronage
What were the two main prevailing song structures of the Romantic Era? Strophic form and through composed
What is the song type where the main melody is repeated for two or three stanzas but has new or significantly varied music when the text requires? modified strophic form
Lied is German for what? Art song
What are highly virtuosic and technical study pieces called? etudes
What became common in households in the Romantic era? Pianos
Salon performances became popular in the Romantic Era, who performed them? Amateurs and professionals
Emergence of piano manufacturers arose like what well known brand? Steinway Corporation
Where was the piano's success that resulted in virtuosic performers elevation to a level of esteem and fame? concert hall
What was the equivalent to the Art Song? Short lyric piano pieces
The short lyric piano pieces were often in what form? improvisatory, or purely instrumental form of dance forms
What three types of music were most popular in 19th century America? Devotional, parlor music, and imported music from Europe
How is the program of program music supplies? In the title, or in an explanatory note
What are the four main types of program music? concert overture, incidental music (to a play), large scale multi-movement pieces, and symphonic poem (tone poem)
A symphonic poem is also called a what? a tone poem
What program music type might evoke a land or seascape or embody a literary or patriotic idea? concert overture
What program music is usually an overture performed between acts and scenes? incidental music
The large-scale multi-movement program music type puts a story to music utilizing what two things as a unifying thread throughout the movements? idee fixe (fixed idea) and thematic development
Which program music type is for the orchestra in one movement with contrasting sections? Symphonic poem (tone poem)
What arose in the 19th century that lead to songs and dances of a people, works based on folklore and peasant life, or the story of a national hero, or a historic event, or the landscape or scenery of a country? nationalism
Who's New World Symphonies incorporated elements of absolute and program music? Antonin Dvorak
Antonin Dvorak was from where? Czech Republic (Bohemian composer)
Who expanded the form of the Classical Symphony and best incorporated Romanticism with in the frame work of absolute music? Johannes Brahms
Where was Johannes Brahms from? Germany
Who carried the Italian opera seria and opera buffa traditions through the 19th century creating a national style that was distinctly Italian? Giuseppe Verdi
Where was Giuseppe Verdi from? Italy
How many operas did Giuseppe Verdi write? 28 operas
Who changed German opera with his music drama? Richard Wagner
Where was Richard Wagner from? Germany
What is the most important organizing element in absolute music? form
What three genres continued into the 19th century upholding their forms but with a Romantic tone? Symphonies, concertos, and chamber music
Colorful harmony, expanded orchestration, expanded ensembles including many new instruments, expressive-lyrical melodies, and expanded proportions of the established form. the "Romantic tone"
The Romantic Concerto follows the Classical Concerto form except for what two exception? 1) The soloist starting instead of the Orchestra. 2) romantic concerto has an emphasis on virtuosity evident in the cadenzas
In the Romantic Concerto, when do the cadenzas often occur? during the development sections
What are leitmotifs and what are they usually used for? reoccurring themes usually used for unification in music dramas
What were Wagner's massive productions called? music dramas
What incorporates all elements of opera and theatre and were continuous in form, using leitmotifs for unification? music drams
Wagner's music dramas had what quality to their form? continuous
What transformed into an independent art form in the 19th century? ballades
What dance company in Paris opened up a new chapter in Europe cultural life bringing the Russian Ballade tradition into favor? Ballet Russes dance company
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