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key words and concepts for jc

after 1800 the population of the west of Ireland grew rapidly, why? early marriage and large families, subdivision of farms, dependence of people on the potato
population growth in recent decades in the west was a result of? government encouraged companies to invest in Ireland and Ireland joined the EU, the Celtic Tiger also helped create jobs.
why was the port of Rio de Janeiro built? so sugar, coffee and other produce could be exported to Europe.
why was population density high in Rio de Janeiro? high birth rate and people migrated from Europe.
In the 1960s why did people settle in the interior of the country? government encouraged it, new capital Brasilia was built, settlers were offered free land.
what was the population of Dublin in 2006? 1.2 million
population density in Dublin is? 1000 per km squared.
why has north Dublin a low population density? because of the airport, and the land being used for market gardening to supply the city with vegetables.
why has Dublin expanded to the West? terrain is flat.
why cant Dublin expand to the South? because of the Dublin mountains. Terrain is too steep.
why is the population density low in Sweden? due to natural conditions such as climate, resources and terrain.
why is population density higher in the centre and South of Sweden? Southern Sweden has a flat terrain, climate is warm enough to grow wheat and other cereals, central Sweden is rich in mineral resources. , closer to the EU in the south.
how many days of snow has Northern Sweden a year? 200
what are the natives in northern Sweden called? the Sami people.
Created by: missoconnell