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Structure of English

Chapter 4 Notes

Speech Community A community sharing rules for the conduct and interpretation of speech. A speech community may have more than one language.
Face the image of oneself that a speaker presents to others.
Negative Face the desire to be left alone, to act as we please.
Positive Face building someone's ego, desire to be liked.
Negative Face Aspects Apologies
Positive Face Aspects Compliments/Showing Interest
Politeness Building into your request ways out for the hearer. You allow them to refuse the favor you're asking.
FN First Name
TLN Title, Last Name
Language Contact Majority of people in the world are in a situation of ____ ____, speaks more than one language.
Disglossia When the bilingual situation extends to an entire community.
Compound Bilingual vs. Coordinate Bilingual 1) Two words but one unified meaning for a concept. 2) slightly different mental representations for the two individual words.
Balanced Bilingualism Controversial issue, whether there exists speakers who are equally fluent in two or more languages
Code Switching the alteration between two different languages, dialects or styles within one sentence or indeed within a conversation.
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