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Senior Year Med Term

Angio Vessel
aorto Aorto
Arterio Artery
phlebo Vein
stetho Chest
Pulmono Lung
Veno Vein
Cardio Heart
Cutaneo skin
embolo Plug
ischo to keep back
sono sound
sphygmo pulse
varico dilated vein
valvo valve
corono heart
electro electricity
manometer instrument to measure pulse
vessel tumor angioma
arrhythmia irregular heart beat
ary pertaining to
endo Within
eal pertaining to
ule small
process of recording graphy
suture rraphy
narrowing stenosis
congenital born with
auscultation to listen to
angina strangling
cardiac arrest complete stoppage of heart
cardiology Study of heart
cardiologist specialist of heart
vaso blood vessel
myo muscle
inter between
venter little belly
lysis destruction
Emia blood condition
thrombo clot
occlusion blockage of blood vessel
intra Within
Varicose veins swollen and distended veins, common in legs.
per through
trans across
ia condition
plasty surgical repair
ECG electrocardiogram
HR heart rate
cyanosis blue color to the skin
Created by: Kelsey Hill