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Chinese Term 4 CC

Term Four Vocabulary from CC

Character(s)Translation & Pronounciation
look for; find zhǎo
smile; laugh xiào
sing chàng
jump tiào
可爱 cute; lovely kě'ài
大方 generous; of good taste; elegant dàfang
难得 hard to come by; rare nándé
发现 find; discover fāxiàn
差不多 almost; almost equal; similar chàbuduō
文学 literature wénxué
please qǐng
周末 weekend zhōumò
talk about; discuss tán
惊喜 pleasantly surprised jīngxǐ
样子 appearance
皮肤 skin
头发 hair
个子 height; stature
性格 characteristic; personality
内向 introverted
好静 likes quiet
talking; words
脾气 temper
外向 outgoing
好动 likes action; physical
好说 likes speaking; talkative
belongs to; in the year of --
吵架 quarrel; have spats
。。。多了 more...
语言 language yǔyán
天才 talent; genius tiāncái
read dú
小说 novel xiǎoshuō
小文章 essay xiǎo wénzhāng
这样 so; such; this way zhèyang
麻烦 troublesome; annoying máfan
为人 conduct oneself; behaviour wéirén
帮助 help bāngzhù
生气 angry shēngqi
bring; take with dài
决定 decide/decision juédìng
衬衫 shirt chènshān
裤子 trousers kùzi
帽子 cap; hat màozi
shoes xié
measure word for trousers, fish, long things tiáo
穿 wear chuān
各种 all kinds gèzhǒng
多大号 what size duōdàhào
大号 large size dàhào
中号 medium size zhōnghào
小号 small size xiǎohào
除了 except; besides; other than chúle
fat; loose féi
thin; tight shòu
吉利 good luck; lucky jílì
苹果 apple pǐngguǒ
桔子 orange júzi
香蕉 banana xiāngjiāo
葡萄 grape pútao
西瓜 watermelon xīguā
桃子 peach tāozi
pear lí
delicious; fragrant xiáng
unit of weight: approx. half a kilo jīn
吃不了 can't finish; so much food chībuliǎo
其它 other; the rest qítā
give; for gěi
商场 market shāngchǎng
sell mài
adverbial particle de
面包 bread miànbāo
measure word for a bag of/packet of bāo
蛋糕 cake dàngāo
measure word for a piece of/money kuài
牛奶 milk niúnǎi
measure word for a cup of bēi
啤酒 beer píjiǔ
measure word for a bottle of píng
sugar; candy táng
measure word for a box of/carton of hé
save shěng
不少 not few; many bùshǎo
清楚 clear qīngchǔ
广告 advertisement guǎnggào
buy mǎi
送给 send; give; for sònggěi
父母 parents fùmǔ
hello (when you don't know a name) wèi
向。。。 to; from xiàng...
明白 see; understand míngbai
Created by: VanessaKershawi
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