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Circulatory system

Circulatory system Includes the heart and blood vessels provides oxygenated blood and nutrients to the entire body
Circulation The movement of blood through the heart and around the body it moves in a circle
Heart An involuntary muscle that pumps blood around the body about the size of your fist located to the left of center under the rib cage
Blood vessels Three types of different sized tubes that allow blood to move around the body
Artery Vessels that takes oxygen and nutrients from the heart to all parts of the body
Vein Blood vessels that take used to blood with waste back to the heart and lungs
Capillaries Smallest blood vessels they connect the arteries and veins to transfer black
Atrium The upper chambers of your heart blood comes back from the body to the atria
Ventricle The lower chambers of your heart fresh blood leaves the heart here and go to the body
Septum Thick walled muscle that separates left and right sides of the heart they do different jobs
Involuntary Works automatically
Valve The door between heart chamber. It only opens one way
Blood The thick liquid, made mostly of water, that transports oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the body
Plasma The liquid part of the blood that contains three types of blood
Red blood cells Saucer-shaped cells that give your blood red color, theses cells have the important job of carrying oxygen to your blood
White blood cells Large, odd shaped cells that fight germs and infection, soldiers
Platelets Cells that form a plug called a clot that stops the bleeding when you have a cut
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