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part of unit 4 in the NEC

non-metallic sheathed cable is arcticle 334
sizes of romex #14-#2 2-4 conductors
NMB flame retardant, moisture resistant, 90 degrees
NMC flame retardant, moisture resistant PLUS corrosion and fungus resistant, 90 dgrees
general rule #1 staples boxes staples at maximum 12inches from box if it is clamped if not then a maximum of 8inches away, must have 1/4 of the sheath in the box
floor rule must be smaller then 6/2 or 8/3
general rule #2 staple lengths must be a staple every 4 1/2 feet
general rule #3 wire bends cable can not be bent in a radius less then 5 times the diameter of the wire
general rule #4 floor shield in floor cable must have some sort of shield if it goes more then 6inches through a floor
general rule #5 wire in box rule must have 6inches in the box or atleast 3inches sticking out of the box
uses not permitted for romex 1. as a service enteracne cable 2. hazardous locations 3. places of assembly 4. embedded in concrete
use permitted for romex 1. residential purposes 2. multi family dwelling of type 3,4,5 construction ex. hotels resort condominium 3. other structures if concealed within a 15min fire rated material 4. exposed or concealed 5. in any dry locations
NMC permitted for 1. exposed or concealed locations 2. dry, moist, damp, corrosive loctions 3. masonry walls 4.covered by 1/16th sheet metal
neutral rules can be reduced when l-l (line to line load) in a 240 volt circuit
neutral can be reduced by? 70%
Created by: maxzo
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