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Geography Ch. 8


What is weather? the short term, day to day condtion of the atmosphere, contrasted with climate, which is the long term average of weather conditions and extremes in a region.
Meteorology the scientific study of the atmosphere.
Air Masses body of air, and it initially the characteristics of its source region and sometimes extends through the lower half of the troposphere.
Air masses generally according to... the moisture and temperature characteristics of their source regions.
continental polar air masses from only in the Northern Hemisphere and are most developed in winter and cold weather conditions.
Winter high pressure system a Pair mass dominates the Midwest with a central pressure of 1042.8 mb, air temperature of of -17C....
Maritime polar air masses in the Northern Hemisphere exist over the northern oceans.
maritime tropical air masses-the mT Gulf/Atlantic and the mT pacific-influence North America.
Four principal lifting mechanisms are... Convergent, Convectional. Orographic, and Frontal lifting.
Convergent lifting air flows toward an area of low pressure
Convectional lifting air is stimulated by local surface heating.
Orgraphic lifting air is forced over a barrier such as a mountain range.
Frontal lifting air is displaced upward along the leading edges of contrasting air masses.
Violent Weather Weather provides a continuous reminder of the flow of energy across the latitude that at times can set into motion destructive, violent weather conditions.
Violent weather includes... ice storms of sleet.
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