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World Geography

Chapter 9 & 10 Vocabulary

Conquistador Name of a spanish explor
Cultural Divergence One culture to another
Caudillo military dictior
Pampus A grassland region in Argentina and Uruguay.
Coral Skeletons of tiny animals
Tropical Storm A storm of winds at least 39 miles (63km) per hour.
Hurricane A severe tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic Ocean, usually in late summer and early fall.
El Nino a warm ocean current
Mestizo A person of mixed European an Native American heritage.
Mulatto A person of mixed African and European ancestry
Market Economy An economic system in which Decisions about production, price, And other economic factors are determined by the law of supply and demand.
GDP Per Capita
Command Economy An economic that is controlled by a single central government.
Traditional Economy An economic system in which families produce good and services for their own use.
Plateau An area of high, flat land.
Land Redistrubution
Subsistence Farming
Cash Crop
Migrant Worker
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