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Chapter 9-10 Vocab

World Geography

Conquistador name for the spanish explorers who claimed lands in the americas for spain
Cultural Convergence the contact and interaction of one culture with another
Caudillo a latin american military dictator
Pampas a grasslands region in Argentina and Uruguay
Cay a small, low island or coral reef
Coral the rock-like skeletons of tiny sea animals
Tropical Storm a storm with winds of at least 39 miles an hour
Hurricane a destructive tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic ocean,usually in late summer and early fall, with winds of at least 79 miles an hour
El Nino. a warm ocean current off South Americas northwestern coast that influences global weather patterns
Canopy the uppermost layer of the forest where trees meet
Mestizo a person of mixed European and Native American ancestry
Mulatto a person of mixed African and European ancestry
Plateau an area of high flat land
Peninsula a strip of land that juts out into the ocean
Irrigation the watering of farmland with water drawn from reservoirs or rivers
Sinkhole a hole formed when limestone is dissolved causing the land above to collapse
Hacienda a large spanish owned estate in the Americas, often run as a farm or cattle ranch
Land Redistribution a policy by which land is taken from those who own large amounts and redistributed to those who have little or none
Ejido farmland owned collectively by members of a rural community
Subsistence Farming farming that provides only enough for a family or village
Latifundio a large commercial farm owned by a private individual or farming company
Cash Crop a farm crop grown for sale and profit
Migrant Worker a worker who travels from place to place, working where extra help is needed cultivating or harvesting a crop
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement which phased out trade barriers among the United States, Canada, and Mexico
Maquiladora a factory in mexico along the united states border, that assembles goods for export
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