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Law 12: Chapter 5

Human Rights

human rights A right which is believed to belong to every person.
discrimination the unfair treatment of different categories of people on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
human rights codes Legal documents that protect people from prohibited discrimination.
stereotyping having an oversimplified, standardized, or fixed judgment or characterization of a group of people
prejudice a pre-concieved opinion based on a stereotype or inadequate information
complainant The person making an allegation of discrimination
prima facie A fact presumed to be true unless it is disproved.
gravamen The part of a charge or an accusation that weighs most substantially against the accused
respondent the person or organization that the complainant alleges to have discriminated against him or her
mediation Intervention between conflicting parties that promotes compromise or settlement of dispute.
concilliation Bringing conflicting parties to a resolution of their differences.
ombudsman An officer of the provincial legislature who investigates complaints from anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly by those who provide provincial or municipal government services.
accommodate To eliminate or adjust requirements or conditions to enable a person to carry out the essential elements of an activity or job.
undue hardship the result of a change that would, for example, affect the economic viability of an enterprise or produce a substantial health and safety risk that outweighs the benefit of the accommodation.
goods Products that are purchased for consumption by the average consumer.
services Any duty or labor performed for another person.
accommodation the place where people live or want to to live
facilities areas or buildings designated for public use
bona fide occupational requirement a qualification essential for proper or efficient job performance
affirmative action gives advantages to groups who have been discriminated in the past.
constructive discrimination employment polices that inadvertently exclude certain individuals, resulting in discrimination
direct discrimination an overt act of discrimination
harassment persistent behaviour that violates the human rights of the victim
sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual contact, remarks, leering, demands for dates, requests for sexual favours, and displays of sexually offensive pictures of graffiti
poisoned harassment an uncomfortable or disturbing atmosphere created by the negative comments or behaviour of others
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