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OU Wheelock 19-22 Verbs

careo carere carui cariturus to be without, be deprived of, want, lack
defendo defendere defendi defensum to ward off, defend, protect
discedo discedere discessi discessum to go away, depart
xxx odisse odi osurum to hate
prohibeo prohibere prohibui prohibitum to keep back, prevent, hinder
pronuntio pronuntiare pronuntiavi pronuntiatum to proclaim, announce, declaim
contineo continere continui contentum to hold together, contain, keep
iubeo iubere iussi iussum to bid, order, command
laboro laborare laboravi laboratum to labor, be in distress
rapio rapere rapui raptum to seize, snatch, carry away
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictum to leave behind, leave, abandon
scio scire scivi scitum to know
tango tangere tetigi tactum to touch
cerno cernere crevi cretum to distinguish, discern, perceive
eripio eripere eripui ereptum to snatch away, take away, rescue
tolo tollere sustuil sublatum to raise, lift up, take away
delecto delectare delectavi delectatum to delight, charm, please
libero liberare liberavi liberatum to free, liberate
paro parare paravi paratum to prepare, provide, get
Created by: darindavis