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Renaissance Authors

Sir Francis Bacon called “father of the modern essay”; founding member of Royal Society; died as a result of experiment trying to preserve chicken by freezing it in the snow
Marlowe playwright, spy for Elizabeth, killed (assassinated during duel over dinner bill in tavern; adapted blank verse for the stage
Raleigh explorer, introduced tobacco and potatoes to England and Ireland; imprisoned in Tower for treason
Jonson playwright; killed fellow actor in duel and almost hanged for crime; first poet laureate; wrote masques for Court; unofficial leader of Cavalier school of poets
Lovelace supported Charles I. Was repeatedly thrown into jail during the Puritan Commonwealth.
Herrick called “best of the sons of Ben” - military chaplain
Donne leader of the school of Metaphysical poetry; Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral
Marvell Milton’s assistant; may have helped get Milton released from prison when the monarchy was restored to England
Shakespeare sonnets called “Shakespearean” because he perfected the form.
Howard the Earl of Surrey, a friend of Wyatt. most credited with the English format of the sonnet; cousin of Anne Boleyn; also imprisoned in Tower but freed
Wyatt introduced the Italian sonnet to England; saw his cousin Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry VIII) executed; also beheaded for treason
Milton “The Blind Poet of England” ; wrote Paradise Lost when he was blind. He was involved in the Puritan Commonwealth and was imprisoned when the monarchy was restored, Marvell helped get him free; Latin Secretary to the Puritan Commonwealth; Puritan poet
The King James Bible written by a council (why important piece?)
Herbert professor at Cambridge; ordained minister in later life; was ordered to burn is poetry by his superior for fear of endangering his soul (poetry saved by a friend)
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