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Ch. 12 Volcano Test

Chapter 12 Volcano Test

A volcano is an opening in Earth that erupts... Gases, Lava, and Ash
A pyroclastic flow is... hot volcanic ash and debris that rushes down the side of the volcano
Sulfurous gases emitted by volcanoes can mix with water vapor and form acid rain
What causes magma to rise to the surface? Magma is less dense than rock
What is the difference between magma and lava? After magma reaches the surface it's called lava
What is a vent? The opening in a volcano
Magma originates in which layer of the earth Mantle
Volcanoes are found in areas where Earth Plates collide
The Hawaiian Islands are formed because of Hot Spots
What two factors control the explosiveness of an eruptions? The amount of water vapor and silica present in the magma
Shield volcanoes are the result of basaltic lava flows
Cinder cone volcanic eruptions are explosive and throw lava high into the air
Composite volcanoes are found mostly where earths plates come together and one plate sinks beneath another
Granitic magma eruptions are explosive
Of the three types of volcanoes, which ones are the least explosive Shield
Intrusive igneous rocks are those which Cool inside the earth
What are batholiths? magma bodies that cool slowly before they reach the surface of the earth
What is the difference between a dike and a sill? dikes are formed across vertical cracks and sills are formed across horizontal ones
Calderas form after an eruption
Intrusive igneous rock bodies such as batholiths and sills from when magma solidifies underground
What are batholiths? magma bodies that cool slowly before they reach the surface of the earth
A volcanic neck is the remains of a/an eroded volcano
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