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Magistra Ebert

Present/ Imperfect/ Perfect Tenses

to carry portare
We carried portavimus
They carried portaverunt
to think cogitare
I was thinking cogitabam
He thought cogitavit
to give dare
She gives dat
She was giving dabat
She gave dedit
They gave dederunt
to preserve servare
I preserved servavi
They preserved servaverunt
We were preserving servabamus
to blame culpare
You all were blaming culpabatis
They were blaming culpabant
I blamed culpavi
We blamed culpavimus
She blamed culpavit
to help iuvare
I was helping iuvabam
I helped iuvi
She helped iuvit
We helped iuvimus
They helped iuverunt
to satisfy satiare
We satisfied satiavimus
They satisfied satiaverunt
It satisfied satiavit
We satisfy satiamus
They satisfy satiant
He satisfies satiat
to kill necare
He kills necat
They kill necant
We kill necamus
They were killing necabant
We were killing necabamus
I killed necavi
They killed necaverunt
We killed necavimus
to increase augere
I increase augeo
I increased auxi
He increased auxit
We increased auximus
They increased auxerunt
to want velle
I want volo
I wanted volui
He wanted voluit
We wanted voluimus
They wanted voluerunt
to prefer malle
I prefer malo
I prefered malui
He prefered maluit
We prefered maluimus
They prefered maluerunt
to order iubere
I order iubeo
She orders iubet
I ordered iussi
He ordered iussit
We ordered iussimus
They ordered iusserunt
mittere to send
mitto I send
misi I sent
misit She sent
mittit She sends
miserunt They sent
currere to run
curro I run
cucurri I ran
cucurrimus We ran
cucurristis You all ran
ponere to put
pono I am putting
posui I put (Perfect)
ferre to carry
fero I carry
fers You carry
fert He carries
ferimus We carry
fertis You all carry
ferunt They carry
ferebam I was carrying
ferebas You were carrying
ferebat He was carrying
ferebamus We were carrying
ferebatis You all were carrying
ferebant They were carrying
tuli I carried
tulisti You carried
tulit He carried
tulimus We carried
tulistis You all carried
tulerunt They carried
Created by: ebert.irina



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