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World Politics

Frieden/Lake/Schultz World Politics Ch. 11

International Law A body of rules that binds states and other agents in world politics and is considered to have the status of law.
Customary International Law International law that develops slowly, over time, as states recognize practices as appropriate and correct.
Obligation Degree to which states are legally bound by an international rule.
Precision The degree to which international laws are fully specified.
Delegation The degree to which third parties are given authority to implement, interpret, and apply international rules.
Norms Standards of behavior for actors with a given identity.
Norms entrepreneurs Individuals and groups who seek to advance principles standards of behavior
Transnational Advocacy Network (TAN) A set of individuals and non-governmental organizations acting in pursuit of a normative objective.
Norms life cycle A three-stage model for how norms diffuse within a population and become taken for granted.
Boomerang model A process by which NGO's in one state are able to activate transnational linkages to bring pressure from other states onto their gov't
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