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Key Vocabulary for Fossils Learning Check

Fossil the preserved remains or traces of living things
sedimentary rock the rock in which most fossils are found
petrified fossil organism that has been turned to stone
trace fossil provide evidence of the activities of an ancient organism, such as footprints, tail tracks
extinct a type of organism that no longer exists on Earth
evolution the process by which all the different kinds of living things have chnaged over long periods of time to adapt to their environment
mold a hollow area of sediment that shows the shape and size of an organism
cast a copy of the shape of the organism
Law of Original Horizontality All rock layers are laid down in a flat (horizontal) position
Law of Superposition Each rock layer is older than the layer above it (rocks go older to younger from bottom to top)
Relative Age the age of an object or event in comparison to another object or event
Absolute Age The actual age of rock or fossil
Erosion when a rock layer is changed by wind, water or ice
Folding when rock layers are moved from underneath, causing layers to look like a rainbow
Faulted a break or crack in the Earth's lithosphere along which rocks move.
tilted When unequal forces within the Earth push up in one area
Intrusion when lava rises from deep within the Earth but does not go onto the surface
Created by: acook1361