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T2 Multicult & HR

Mental position based on prsn's knowledge, feelings, & experiences about someone/thing influencing him to behave in certain way in regard to that prsn/thing Attitude
___ change as a result of life ____. Attitudes, experiences
Attitudes and life experiences may exist in a ___ ____. Correlative relationship
Groups of ppl with common ancestry and physical characteristics Race
Since no ___ race exist, some prefer to ____ reference to race and instead discuss group ____ under the heading of ethnicity. Pure, avoid, differences
___ is a universal ill. Prejudice
___ refers to shared culture and background. Ethnicity
Members of an ethnic group usually have ___ ___ and generally share ___, ___, and other cultural patterns. Common ancestry, language, religion
___ is the act of regarding one's culture as the "___ ___ ___ ___" and is the basis for all comparisons with other cultures Ethnocentrism, "Center of the universe"
___ is an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or w/o knowledge of examination of the facts Prejudice
___ is a way of ___ and ___ based on tradition. Culture, thinking, acting
A learned behavior passed down from 1 generation to another Culture
Acting on the basis of prejudice Discrimination
___ provides a source of egotistic satisfaction, through comparing others with ___. Ethnocentrism, oneself
__ of us have some kind of ____. All, Prejudice
As we learn about other cultures and people who are different, we learn to __ them relative to the norms of our own ___ ___. Judge, cultural group.
The key to prejudice is to be ___ of ___, to work at ___ their impact in our lives, and to keep our prejudices ___ of our job performance. Aware, prejudices, reducing, out
The functions of prejudice: Ethnocentrism, Stereotype & Categorical Tx, Scapegoat, Projection, Authoritarian personality, Societal Strain
___ or ___ people together under a popular stereotyped description saves time and thought and provides a ___ ____. Lumping or grouping, Convenient grouping
___ provides a convenient group or persons to blame when things go wrong in one's personal ___ or in the ____. Scapegoating, life, Community
___ provides an outlet for projecting one's ___ and ___ onto other people. Projection, Tensions, Frustrations
___ ___ symbolizes one's affiliation with a more dominant group. Authoritarian personality
___ ___ (___ and ___ ) leads to justification for various types of discrimination that are thought to be an ___ to the dominant group. Societal Strain, (Fear and Insecurity), Advantage
Four basic feelings or attitudes harbored by most prejudiced persons Feeling of superiority, Others are strange/different, Proprietary claims, Fear
___ __ ___ is a self-assured feeling on the part of certain individuals that they are ____ or ____ than others, which is freq expressed in ___ ____ and ___ ____ directed to those regarded as inferiors.. Feeling of superiority, Superior or Better, Inapprop jokes and Disparaging remarks.
Remarks that show feeling of superiority: Lazy, overly aggressive, stupid, tricky, deceitful, clannish, pushy
________ describes feelings that the other group is ___ or ___ which promotes the social ___ of members of a particular group and ___ any acceptance of a prsn on individual merit. Others are strange and different, Alien or Different, Exclusion, Blocks
Feelings harbored by prejudiced ppl, foster ___, ___, or open ____ against persons of a different group. Aversion, Dislike, Hostility
As a member of the group, the individual believes he is ___ to ___ or prior rights in a certain area. This refers to: Entitled, Exclusive. Proprietary claims/Entitlement
___ is a basic to prejudice. Fear
___ excites emotions to the point of overshadowing ___ ____. Fear, Rational Judgement
Forms and targets of prejudice: Racial, Ethnic, Gender, Nat'l origin, Political affiliation, Authority figures, Sexual orientation, Differently-abled, Religious, Age, Economic/Occupational, Wt, Physically challenged, Individual personal preferences
Every ___ is entitled to ___ rights and ____. Individual, Equal and Dignities.
The right to be ___ implies the right to be ___. Free, Different
We should try to understand people ___ from ___. Different from us.
Common needs all people share: Social needs, Health, Employment, Shelter, Food, Positive self-image
We tend to ___ ppl and make ___ about them rather than ___ them based on their individual ___. This can lead to ___. Categorize, Judgements, Evaluate, Character, Stereotyping.
___ cannot work for some unless is works for ___. Democracy, All.
Key functions of Discrimination: Discrim. reinforce prejudice concerning the group's alleged inferiority. Discrim limits the other group's effectiveness in business, edu, politic. Discrim. affords an avenue to economic exploitation of the group being discrim. against.
___ by any group ___ the other group's effectiveness in business, education, and political office. Discrimination, limits
Discrim. affords an avenue to ___ ___ of the group being discriminated against. Economic exploitation
The role of the PO includes enforcing laws in an ___ ___ and supporting the concept that __ ___ are ___ subject to the law and will be treated ___. Impartial manner, All prsns, equally, equally.
Impartial enforcement of the law requires that no person be treated ___, ___, or with bias or prejudice. Unfairly, unjustly
Impartial enforcement of the law requires that no person be given more ___ tx by the law by being given ___ service, more ___ tx, or more ___ punishment than any other. Favorable, Better, Considerate, Lenient
The critical guideline in impartial enforcement of the law is ______ Not favoring one more than another in the same situation.
Impartial enforcement of the law include the more general ideas of ___ ____ of justice and ___ tx of offenders by the criminal justice system as a whole. Impartial Administration, Impartial
Impartial enforcement of the law refers to both the ___ of the law and the __ and the ___ of ___ when LE bcs involved. Interaction, Citizen, Interaction of the citizen.
The ___ must be ___ whether the law is confronting a citizen or standing bt 2 citizens who are confronting ea other. Law, Impartial
Impartial enforcement of the law is an ___ ___ toward which the law, the CJS, and it's personnel strive. Ideal condition
Like democracy, the ___ ___ may never be achieved in an imperfect world. Ideal condition
Why is the POs position sensitive re: impartial enforcement? POs work alone, Makes decisions demanding impartiality, Fair and equal treatment, Impression help by ppl come from tx they've received
To apply principles of impartiality, the PO should take necessary enforcement action, basing its ___ on the ___ of the situation and the ____ of the offense. Intensity, Nature, Severity
To apply principles of impartiality, the PO should participate in the processes of justice such as ___ and ___ in ways that do not favor 1 individ or group on the basis of factors ___ ___ to the crime. Charging and Testifying, Not related
To apply principles of impartiality, the PO should communicate by __ and __ to the public and other CJP that all personnel of CJS are ___ subject to the law and will not be given ___ ___ if they bc subject to criminal justice procedures. Word and Action, Equally, Preferential Tx
The delicate balance which the law ___ and ___ bt those who govern and those who are governed must be ___ if ___ is to survive. Provides and Protects, Preserved, Democracy
One goal of society and criminal justice is the _______. Reduction of crime.
Regardless of whether punishment and the certainty of punishment are deterrents to crime, __ ___ must be ___ ____ if it is to ____ crime. The Law, Impartially Enforced, Reduce
The ___ ___ ___ is for Americans and individuals residing in the US. Bill of Rights
If ___ of groups who have freq contact w the law believe the system is __ and ___, it builds ___ and ___ among them. Leaders, Impartial and Fair, Respect and Cooperation
___ is a fundamental requirement made of all POs. Impartiality
___ of society and ____ individual personal ___ is the task of the LE. Protection, Safeguarding, Liberties
Protection of society and safeguarding individual personal liberties can be done only when laws are ___ ___. Enforced impartially.
Those enforcing the laws must leave ___ ___ and ___ at home when on duty. Personal feelings and Prejudices
Only when LE discharges its function within the framework of constitutional guarantees, can a reasonable ___ be maintained bt conflicting interests of ___ and the ___. Balance, Society, Individual
Skills to use dealing with sensitivity and needs of others: Gather knowl/info about prsn. Non-judgemental. Tolerate ambiguity. Show warmth, interest, and empathy. Communicate.
Adverse consequences of insensitivity: Hurt feelings. Anger. Loss of personal/profess respect. Ineffective performances. Behavior.
Positive consequences of sensitivity: Respect of community. Respect from fellow professionals. Support for democratic principles. Self-respect.
________ is defined as a field of study that focuses on how ppl of differing cultures communicate with ea other. Cross-cultural Communication
In a multicultural society, many believe it's imperative that LEO have some understanding of cross-cultural communication principles in order to facilitate ___ and reduce ____. Dialogue, Conflict
_____ provided by citizens for PO to be partial can be overwhelming. The ____ of them can go virtually ___ by a higher authority. Temptations, Acceptance, Undetected
____ and ___ are the most previous possessions of man and the essence of the prob of govt is reconciliation of the 2. Liberty and Order
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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