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D.O.G Trimester 2

In what state are the Aleutian Islands located? Alaska.
If you were in Madison, Wisconsin, would it be closer to go to the North Pole or the equator? The Equator.
You reside in what two hemispheres? Northern and Western.
How many of the United States are above the Tropic of Capricorn? Fifty.
Which is more mountainous, eastern or western North America? Western.
What gulf is located between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Persian Gulf.
What is the longest country in South America? Brazil.
Which country is farther south, Portugal or Spain? Spain.
Name the seven continents. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.
How are Paraguay and Zambia similar? Both countries are landlocked.
Which city is farthest north: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco? San Francisco.
Which of the following football teams play home in cities located in Ohio: Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, or Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Brown and Cincinnati Bengals.
Which hemisphere is larger, Eastern or Western Same size.
What country would you have to travel through when driving from Seattle, Washington, to Anchorage, Alaska Ottawa, Canada.
Which is farther north, North Carolina or South Dakota? South Dakota.
Name the gulf located between the countries of Sweden and Finland. Gulf of Bothnia.
Which of the forty-eight contiguous states has the largest land area? Texas.
What is the name of the large mountain range in South America? Andes.
Whose border is closer to the Pacific Ocean, Nevada or Idaho Nevada (Note that Nevada’s capital is Carson City.)
What four large islands make up the Greater Antilles in the West Indies? Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Jamaica.
What direction would you probably be flying if you were traveling from San Francisco, California, to Miami, Florida? South East.
Libya is to Africa as Venezuela is to... South America.
Which of the fifty states is farthest west? Alaska.
What country has a land border with Denmark? Germany.
Which continents does the Tropic of Cancer pass through? North America, Africa, and Asia.
What large island nation is located off the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar.
What is the state with the smallest land area? Rhode Island.
Who owns Baja (or Lower) California? Mexico.
What mountain range is located between the Black and Caspian Seas? Caucasus.
Paraguay is to Bolivia as ______ is to Honduras. Nicaragua.
What river in part forms the southern border of the United States? Rio Grande.
Which continent is closer to the South Pole, Africa or Australia? Australia.
What large river in Brazil has its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean? Amazon.
Which are closer to the equator, the nomads of the Sahara or coffee growers of Colombia? Coffee growers of Colombia.
What large river in Brazil has its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean? Amazon.
What five continents touch the Pacific Ocean? North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia
Which state is due south of New Hamshire and Vermont. Massachusetts
Which lake does the equator pass through: Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi, Lake Chad? Lake Victoria
What is the city located on the Congaree River, that is the capital of South Carolina? Columbia
Which hemisphere has more land, the Eastern or Western? Eastern
You leave the Miami port to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico. What direction should your compass be indicating? South East
What is the only Central American country that doesn't touch the Pacific Ocean? Belize
Which country would generally have higher temperatures year round, Laos or Yugoslavia? Why? Laos; closer to the equator
What is the capital of New Jersey, the state where the first recorded baseball game took place in 1846? Trenton
What countries border Iraq? Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey.
Arrange the seven countries of Central America in alphabetical order. Belize, Costa Rica ,El Salvador ,Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama
Find the name of the large desert that runs along Africa's southwestern coast. The Namib Desert
Madrid is to Spain as ________ is to France. Paris
Mane the river that forms a border between the states of Washington and Oregon. Columbus River
What Middle Eastern country that lies between Iraq and Afghanistan used to be called Persia? Iran
The Tropic of Cancer is to the Tropic of Capricorn as the Arctic Circle is to the ____ ____. Antarctic Circle.
The city of Shanghai in China is near the mouth of what river? Yangtze River.
Does the Prime Meridian pass through the North or South Pole Both.
A map key should tell what the symbols on a map mean. What does a small blackened dot usually represent. Capital/City.
Which state contains the name of a country bordering the U.S. New Mexico
What is the name given to the half of the Earth that includes Asia, Australia, most of Africa, Europe, And Antarctica, and their waters Eastern Hemisphere
Which distance is shorter Africa to South America or Africa to Australia Africa to South America
Which circle passes through more continents, Antarctica or Arctic Arctic
Which state has no border on the Atlantic Ocean: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont? Vermont
Which Great Lake is the only one that does not also belong to Canada? Michigan
How many continents are totally within the Western Hemisphere 2
What is the name of the large gulf on the northern coast of Australia? Gulf of Carpentaria
What is another name for a line of latitude? Parallels
If you were to fly from Atlanta, Georgia, to St. Louis, Missouri, What direction would you be going in. North West
What country has the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere. Canada
In what state, whose borders of North and South Dakota to the east, do the Rocky Mountains cover about 40% of the land surface? Montana
What country has the largest land area in the Eastern Hemisphere? Russia
Place all eight Cardinal and Intermediate directions on a compass rose. North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, North West
Which of the following cities is the capital of Jordan: Beirut, Damascus, Ankara, Amman? Amman
How are the Arctic and Antarctic Circles alike? They are at the end of each side of the Earth
How many countries are on the continent of South America? 12
Through which continents does the Arctic Circle pass? North America, Europe, Asia
What is the farthest point south on the Earth's surface? South Pole
In general, where would you need lighter clothing, northern Europe or central Africa Central Africa, closer to the Equator
What is the second largest ocean in the world Atlantic Ocean
Is Bermuda north of or south of North Carolina South
What is the name of the state that is divided into two parts by water and also has the largest freshwater border of all the states Michigan
What country has the largest land area in the Northern Hemisphere? Russia
Which is more mountainous, Northern or Southern Asia. Southern
Which continents does the Tropic of Capricorn pass through? Australia, Africa, and South America
What two countries and one body of water border Uruguay Brazil, Argentina, Atlantic Ocean



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