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Law 12: Chapter 4

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

right A legal, moral, or social entitlement due to all people because they are human beings
freedom the ability to conduct one's affairs without being hampered or frustrated
inalienable rights guaranteed entitlements that cannot be transferred because they are part of our intrinsic nature
franchise the right to vote
entrench in a general sense, to include or incorporate one thing into another. In a constitutional sense, to protect and guarantee a right or freedom by ensuring that it can only be changed by an amendment to the Constitution
override To prevail over
invoke to put into effect
notwithstanding clause section 33 of the charter of rights and freedoms which allows federal and provincial governments to pass legislation that is exempt from section 2 and subsection 7 to 15 of the charter
dissemination the act of spreading something, especially information, widely; circulation.
extradition surrendering an accused person to another jurisdiction to stand trial
capital offence a crime punishable by death in some jurisdiction
ameliorate To make better or improve
abrogate to abolish or annul
derogate to take away or detract
respondent a party against whom a petition is filled especially one in an appeal or a divorce case.
Created by: slslozzy