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Soc/Psych Chap 4 Rvw

Sociology & Psychology Chapter Four Review Questions

What is personality? The sum of total behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are characteristic of an individual.
List 4 factors from the first section that shape personality. Heredity, birth order, parental characteristics, and the cultural environment.
What is the nurture versus nature debate? Nature is instinctual behavior, and nurture is the result of a social environment and learning.
What is an aptitude? Are all aptitudes inherited? Aptitude is a capacity to learn a particular skill or acquire a specific body of knowledge. No.
Describe how the hunger drive is connected to both nurture and nature. The hunger drive tells you to eat but it does not tell you when, what or how to eat because those things are shaped by the culture someone is in.
What are 4 parental characteristics that can influence a child’s personality development? A. Level of education, B. Religious orientation, C. Economic status, D. Cultural heritage
What are feral children? Children that have been raised without the influence of a social environment.
What does the chapter note about children who are institutionalized? These children may show some of the characteristics of isolated children.
Define socialization. The interactive process through which people learn the basic skills, values, beliefs and behavior patterns of a society.
What is your “self”? Your conscious awareness of possessing a distinct identity that separates you and your environment.
Explain Locke’s theory on personality development. Locke believed in “The Tabula Rasa” which means a blank slate. This means that we acquire our personalities as a result of our social experiences and that we can be molded into any type of character.
What is suggested by Cooley in the “looking-glass self” theory? Cooley suggests that the interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based on how we imagine we appear to others.
Explain Mead’s theory of personality development. According to Mead, seeing ourselves as other see is is only the beginning. Eventually, we not only see ourselves as others see us but we actually take on, or pretend to take on, the roles of others.
What is the purpose of a total institution? A total institution is a setting in which people are isolated from the rest of society for a specific period of time and are subject to tight control. They are meant to resocialize an individual’s personality and behavior.
Do you feel they are effective in resocializing an individual? Explain the debate concerning this. Yes and no, I think that total institutions can be effective if the person is willing to be resocialized. However, if a person is not willing to be resocialized, a total institution would not be effective. Some people take sides
Why would an urban legend be thought of as a tool for socialization? An urban legend could shape an individual's beliefs, religion, and culture causing it to be a tool for socialization.
Created by: itscourtneym