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Weathering + Erosion


Erosion move or carry
Weathering break down
Deposition settles or drops
sediment pieces of rock
What are the 5 agents of erosion? wind water glacier (ice) gravity wave action
factors that can affect erosion Development-clear land and build things Agriculture-good and bad farming techniques Mining-strip mining Plants-increase\decrease vegetation Climate-hurricanes, storms, etc..
What is mass movement? pieces of rock\soil\sediment on a slope that can be easily moved by gravity
what is the main cause of mass movement? gravity
A ____________ occurs when loose soil and rock separate from bedrock below Landslide
A ____________ occurs after large\heavy rains. This causes gravity to pull down mud. Mudflow\ Mudslide
A ______ is when a large piece of rock breaks off and falls because of gravity slump
Gravity causes weathered particles to slowly, steadily move downhill creep
This is the major agent of erosion and is constantly building up and tearing down earths surface water
_______, gully, stream, river rill
rill, gully,_______, river stream
rill, gully, stream,________ river
'V' shaped valley steep slopes that erode rapidly due to a fast moving river
river erodes rock, so it falls and forms sharp drop off waterfall
loop like bends through erode rock & sediment meander
long narrow island that forms along coast barrier island
large mass of ice that moves slowly over land AKA- river of ice glacier
sediment deposited by glaciers. moraine
Built to reduce wave energy. However, it makes beach disappear and is ugly sea wall
soil conservation techniques no till-contour plowing-crop rotation-cover crops- wind breaks- terracing
return the land to its original state or better Reclamation
any type of water that moves across land because it is not absorbed by soil runoff
smaller stream\river flows into larger stream\river tributary
land that contains all rivers\streams watershed\drainage basin (they are the same thing)
FOR GLACIERS ONLY: what is this called when rock pieces freeze to sides and bottom of glacier plucking
what landform can wind create sand dunes
why are coastlines and deserts more affected by wind erosion no\little vegitation
Created by: sgaskill_godawgs