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Geography unit 2

plateau high level surfaces
mesa flat topped natural elevations
continental divide a line that separates rivers that flow toward opposite ends of a continent
headwaters water sources
tributary brooks rivers and streams that feed their waters into one river
fishery places for catching fish and other sea animals
blizzard snowstorms with winds of in excess of 35 miles per hour and temperatures below freezing
tornado swirling columns of air whose winds can reach 300 mph
hurricane ocean storms of hundreds of miles wide with winds of 74 miles per hour or more
typhoon Pacific hurricanes
chinook seasonal warm wind that blows down the rockies in late winter and early spring
timberline the elevation above which trees cannot grow
immigrant people who leave their countries to settle permanently in others
Sunbelt the mild climate region of the southern US
suburbs outlying communities of an urban area
metropolitan area a central city and its surrounding suburbs
megalopolis Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C.
strait a narrow passageway connecting two bodies of water
cash crop crops that are raised to be sold
republic a form of government in which people elect their own officials
industrialization the setting up of manufacturing that uses machinery
dry farming a way of saving water in the soil by plowing land so that it holds rainwater
Constitution a plan of government for the US
amendment changes in the Constitution
cabinet a group of special advisers for the president
multicultural societies having more than one culture
bilingual having two languages
abstract European style art in which the artist tries to show his or her own attitudes or emotion
jazz musical blend of African rhythms with the harmony of European music
mobile moving from place to place
literacy rate being able to read and write
free enterprise an economic system in which private businesses operate with little interference from government
truck farm farm that grows vegetables for markets in nearby cities
contour plowing farming method in which plowed furrows follow the natural curve of land, lessening erosion
crop rotation farming method in which different crops are alternated in the same field preserving soil nutrients
service industry business that produces a service
interdependent relying on one another for goods services and ideas
NAFTA trade agreement made in 1993 by Canada, the US, and Mexico
acid rain rain carrying large amounts of sulfuric and nitric acid
smog irritating haze caused by the interaction of UV solar radiation with chemical fumes from automobile exhausts and other pollution sources
eutrophication process by which the water of a lake or stream becomes too rich in dissolved nutrients, leading to plant growth that depletes oxygen
bycatch unwanted fish marine mammals and birds caught by fishers and thrown away
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