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Chapter 15

Firearms & Marks

Caliber the diameter of the bore.
Bore the interior diameter of a gun barrel
Gauge the interior diameter of a shotgun barrel
Shot lead spheres in a shotgun shell
Slug a single shot or bullet in a shotgun shell
Grains basic unit of weight in the British system.
Rifled the bore of a gun barrel that has been machined to form a grooved spiral like a helix
Lands raised areas between two grooved in the rifling of a gun barrel that impart grooves on the bullet
Grooves spiral cuts into the bore of a barrel that give the bullet its spin as it moves down the barrel
Striae parallel sets of scratches on a bullet caused by unique markings in the bore of a rifled weapon
Cannelures grooves around a bullet that provide a means of crimping the cartridge case to the bullet
Head Stamp numerals, letters, and symbols on the base of a cartridge showing the manufacturer, caliber, and code
Breech portion of the gun that contains the firing mechanism
Extractor hooked or cresent-shaped part attached to the breechblock which withdraws the spent casing fromt the chamber when the breechblock separated from the barrel after firing
Ejector the part on the firearm whose function is to throw a spent casing from the gun after firing
Magazine a container that holds cartridges under spring pressure to be fed into the gun's chamber; also called a clip
Chamber part of the firearm that contains a cartridge for firing
Greiss Test a color test for the presence of nitrite in gunpowder residue
GSR gunshot residue
Sodium Rhodizonate Test a color test for the presence of lead in gunshot residue
Buffer a solution containing either a weak acid and its salt or a weak base and its salt, which is resistant to changes in pH
Outsoles the outer soles of shoes at the bottom of the shoe
Gait a manner of walking or moving on foot, individualized to your personality
Wheelbase distance from center of front wheel hub to center of rear wheel
Stance distance from the centerline of the right tire to the centerline of the left tire
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