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WHSG Latin (a)

a,ab By, From
absum to be away, to be absent
accidere to happen
accipere to recieve
ad to, towards, at
adeo so much,to such an extent
adsum to be here, to be present
advenire to arrive
aedificare to build
ager field
ago do, act
alius another
alii ... alii some ... others
alter the other (of the two)
altus high, deep
amare to love
amor love
ambulare to walk
amicus friend
ancilla slave girl
animus spirit, soul, mind
annus year
ante before, in front of
antea before, beforehand
apparere to appear
appropinquare to approach
apud among, with, at the house of
aqua water
arma arms, weapons
ars art, skill
ascendere to climb
audax bold, daring
audeo to dare
audio to hear, listen
aufero to take away
autem however
auxilium help
Created by: ctj