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Latin stage 25

vocab& parts of speech

captivus Captivi m Prisoner or captive
Castra castrorum n military camp
dignitas dignitatis f importance or prestige
diligentia diligentiae f industry, hardwork
legio legimis n legion
nomen nominis n name
os oris n face
poena poenae f punishment
statio stationis f postis
testis testis m/f witness
accido accidere accidi happen
aperio aperire aperui apertus open
cogo cogere coegi coactus force or compel
depono deponere deposui depositus put down or take off
desino desinere end or cease
explico explicare explicavi explicates explain
haesito haesitare haesitavi haesitatus hesitate
laedo laedere laesi laesus harm hurt
lateo latere latui lie hidden or hide
nescio nescire nescivi nescitus not know
aliguis aliquis aliquid someone
furens furens furens furious or in a rage
immemor immemor immemor forgetful
immortalis immortalis immortale immortal
scelestus scelesta scelestum wicked
suavis suavis suave sweet
autem but
extra outside
rursus again
di immortals! heavens above!
poenas dare pay the penalty or be punished
Created by: umeko123