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NUR 111 Module 33 Spirituality

Religious rules about foods Orthodox Jew - No shellfish or pork Muslim - no EtOH or pork Morman - no EtOH or caffeine Catholic - no meat certain days Buddist/Hindu - generally vegetarian Jew - Kosher
Religous beliefs related to healing Mormon - diving healing thru laying on of hands Christian Scientist - deny existence of health crises Buddism - suffering caused by ignorant cravings Jehovah's Witness - no blood products.
Spiritual development 0-3: trust, hope, and love 3-7: fantasy, stories, and imaging 7-12: proof of reality Adoles: conform to belief's around them Young adult: own world view & independent lifestyle Mid adult: increased conscious M-L adult: embrace life, but hold loosely
Spiritual assessment tools HOPE H=source of hope - comfort, strength, peace, love. O=organized religion. P=personal spirituality and practices. E=effects on medical care and end of life issues
Moral framework (3 types) Consequence based (telelogical). decision based on consequences Principle based (deontological), rule based. Relationship based (caring)
Judaism Jewish. Actively participate in care. Kosher. Want all care to extend life. Bury dead <=24h.
Islam (Muslim) Koran based. Events are Allah's will. Pray 5X/day. Women can't make decisions. Clean/modest. Want nurse of same gender.
Roman Catholicism Only natural means of contraception. Abortion/euthanasia/sterilization forbidden. Anoint sick/last rites.
Protestant Christianity That's us
Hinduism Generally vegetarian. Believe in reincarnation. Ceremonial rites before dying. Cremation is required.
Buddism Prefer Eastern Medicine. Mind/herbs/accupuncture. May accept certain Western Medicine.
Jehovah's Witness No blood products. Transplants are personal decisions.
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