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M32 Family

NUR111 Module 32 Family

Roles of the family 1. Meeting members needs 2. Serving as a buffer - nurturing and support 3. Raising children 4. Advocating interest/needs Unnumbered: caring, nurturing, educating; receiving/giving love
Parenting style types Authoritarian Authoritative Permissive Indifferent
Authoritarian parenting Highly controlling with inflexible rules and little independence Outome: child has no negotiation skills, passive and dependent, child may become rebellious
Authoritative parenting set reasonable limits, encourage autonomy, flexibility Outcome: self control, higher self esteem, better school performance
Permissive parenting no rules Outcome: unable to negotiage, may be aggressive/rebellious, may be creative/outgoing.
Indifferent parenting No limit setting. Lack of affection. Parent is self centered. May show neglect. Social services case. Outcome: worst.. destructive impulses and delenquent behavior. produces prostitutes and drug attics
Levels of family cohesion disengaged separated connected enmeshed
Created by: mojoshare