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C2 school subjects

物理 physics Wù lǐ
化学 chemistry Huà xué
电脑 computer science Diàn nǎo
武术 martial arts Wǔ shù
英语 English Yīng yǔ
汉语 Chinese Language Hàn yǔ
生物 biology Shēng wù
课外活动 extracurricular kè wài huó dòng
必修课 required courses bì xiū kè
选修课 elective courses xuǎn xiū kè
to choose, to select xuǎn
很难 very difficult hen nán
别担心 don't worry bié dān xīn
to help bāng
to have/take classes shàng
可是/不过 but Kě shì / bù guò
打算 planning to Dǎ suàn
可以 allow to kě yǐ
thinking to xiǎng
want to yào
in addition hái
你想选什么课 What class would you like to select? nǐ xiǎng xuǎn shén me kè
上午 Morning shàng wǔ
中午 noon zhōng wǔ
下午 afternoon xià wǔ
下课后 after school xià kè hòu
当然 of course dāng rán
你想上什么课 what class would you like to take? nǐ xiǎng shàng shén me kè
上 ____ 课 Take____ class shàng _____ kè
比较喜欢... like...better bǐ jiào xǐ huān
比较+adjective more adjective bǐ jiào
数学 math shù xué
科学 science ke xué
美术 art meǐ shù
因为 because yin wèi
很有意思 very interesting hen you yi si
没有意思 not interesting méi yǒu yi si
无聊 boring wu liao
社会学 social study shè hùi xué
第 #节 period # di___jie
音乐 music yin yuè
体育 P.E ti yù
工程 engineering gong chéng
有用 useful yǒu yòng
没有用 useless méi yǒu yòng
好玩 fun hǎo wán
有时间 have time yǒu shí jiān
没有时间 have no time méi yǒu shí jiān
自习 study hall zi xi
someone 对_ _有兴趣 Someone is interested in ____ someone dùi___yǒu xíng qù
第 # 节 Period # di # jie
历史 history Lì shǐ
Created by: hcl
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