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Music Test 3

Cuban Habanera Performed in New Orleans at an International Exposition in 1884-1885
Argentine Tango The Castles brought it to New York from Paris in 1913
Clave The rhythm of Afro-Cuban music
Xavier Cugat Popularized Latin music in a hybrid style
Mambo An American Afro-Cuban music
Perez Prado Offered the sound of the mambo for the masses
Montuno In Afro-Cuban music, a syncopated accompanying figure usually played on the piano
Tumbao A syncopated bass pattern characteristic of Afro-Cuban music
Bo Diddley His Beat is a distinctive rhythm identical to the clave
Doo-Wop Voices as instruments
Rockabilly Began as white southern music
Little Richard His hits featured a clear locked in rhythm and a vocal sound that was outrageous and outlandish as his appearance
Chuck Berry Transferred the boogie-woogie to the guitar
Boogie-Woogie A blues piano style
Buddy Holly One of rock and roll's second generation
Playlet Songs that told a funny story with serious overtones
Leiber & Stoller Elevated record production to an art
Berry Gardy Jr. His empire blended careful planning and tight control over every aspect of the operation
James Brown The most important male solo artist of the 60s
Rolling Stones Band grew 50s Rock & Roll and Deep Blues
Jimmy Hendrix Pioneered the use of the guitar as an electric sound
The Beatles Rock and Popular music's first great eclectic
Bob Dylan His lyric is far more complex than anything that had been done before
The Who Incorporated the innovative use of the synthesizer
Led Zeppelin Their version of heavy metal evolved from the blues
Created by: Sunni26