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Prefix Suffix

quina pril
perindo pril
rami pril
capto pril
benzae pril
trandola pril
fosino pril
lisino pril
lisino pril
moexi pril
enala pril
Pril (ACEI's) and Anti-Hypertensives
Sartan Anti-hypertensives and (ARB's)
cande sartan
irbe sartan
olme sartan
lo sartan
val sartan
telmi sartan
epro sartan
Osin Anti-hypertensive(BPH) Alpha Receptor Blockers
doxaz osin
tamsul osin
teraz osin
praz osin
alfuz osin
Olol Antihypertensives Cardioselelctive Beta Receptor blockers, ISA, Mixed Receptor Blockers
betax olol
metopr lol tartate
aten olol
biso prolol
tim olol
propran olol
nad olol
carte olol
penbut olol
acebut olol
pind olol
carvedi olol
labeta lol
Dipine Anti-hypertensive, CCB's
nife dipine
nicar dipine
isra dipine
amlo dipine
felo dipine
nisol dipine
Statin Antihyperlipidemia, HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors
rosuva statin
fluva statin
atorva statin
lova statin
prava statin
simva statin
glitazone Anti-diabetic, Thiazolidinediones
pio glitazone
rosi glitazone
repa glinide
nate glinide
Glinide Anti-Diabetic, Meglitinides
Dronate Osteoporosis, Bispohsphonates
rise dronate
iban dronate
alen dronate
Tidine Anti-ulcer, H2-Receptor Antagonists
niza tidine
famo tidine
cime tidine
rani tidine
Prazole Anti-ulcer (PPI's)
rabe prazole
esome prazole
lanso prazole
ome prazole
panto prazole
Triptan Anti-migraine, Triptan's
nara triptan
almo triptan
frova triptan
suma triptan
rize triptan
ele triptan
zolmi triptan
pam,lam Anti-Anxiety, Hypnotics, BZD's
loraze pam
fluarze pam
triazo lam
clonaze pam
estazo lam
temaze pam
oxaze pam
diaze pam
alprazo lam
Pramine Anti-depressants (TCA's)
clomi pramine
desi pramine
imi pramine
Created by: ansariahmed