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Senior Med Term 8

med term 8

bas base
coagul clotting
eosin rosy red
erythr red
hem blood
hemat blood
lymph lymph
leuk white
neutr neutral
thromb clot
cyt cell
embol plus
glyc sugar
lip fat
path disease
phelb vein
septic infection
cyte cell
cytosis abnormal cell condition
ectomy surgical removal
emia blood condition
globin protein
ia condition
ic pertaining to
logist one who studies
logy study of
lysis destruction
lytic destruction
meter instrument for measuring
metry process of measuring
oma mass
osis abnormal condition
otomy cutting into
penia too few
phil attracted to
plasm formation
poiesis formation
rrhage bursting forth
stasis stopping
tic pertaining to
a without
an without
anti against
suto self
hyper excessive
hypo insufficient
mono one
pan all
poly many
al pertaining to
Created by: HT14BMoe