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Ghost Cadet

Chapter 9 & 10

sinister showing ill will; threatening
wheelwright person whose work is making or repairing wheels, carriages and wagons
battered damaged by hard use
provoked made some angry
mattock a large tool with a steel head like a pick axe, but having a flat blade on one side or both sides, used for loosening soil or cutting roots
impenetrable not able to be penetrated or broken through
prone lying face down
devise to think out; plan ; invent
compensate make and equal return to; give an equivalent to
dismay sudden loss of courage because of fear or danger
hypnotic causing sleep; drug or other means of causing sleep
parlor room for receiving or entertaining guests; sitting room
intricate with many twists and turns; entangled or complicated
knickknacks a pleasing trifle; ornament, trinket
imperiously commandingly
heritage what is handed down from one generation to the next; inheritance
Created by: JerrodM