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Business Law

Contracts Practice

Jill offers to pay Kyle $500 if he jogs across the Golden Gate Bridge. Kyle can accept the offer only by jogging across the bridge. If Kyle jogs across the bridge, he and Jill will have formed a unilateral contract
Tom enters a coffee shop in which he has an open account, fills a cup of coffee, holds it up so the cashier can see it, acknowledges the cashiers nod, and walks out, knowing that he will be billed for it at the end of the month. Tom has formed: an implied-in-fact contract
Ace Sales Corporation plans to move to a new office. Ace offers to sell its office furniture to Beta Marketing, Inc. but does not specify a time for Beta to respond. The offer expires: after thirty days
First Steel Corporation offers to sell Great Foundaries, Inc. 7 tons of steel. Great Foundaries sends an acceptance via First Steel's authorized mode of communication. This acceptance is effective when it is: sent
Jeff offers Kelly $800 for her 3 year old computer. Kelly accepts. If a dispute arises, a court would likely: not question the adequacy of the consideration
U.S. Brokerage's promise to pay its employees a year-end bonus "if it seems like a good idea at the time" is: an illusory promise
Chris, a minor, signs a contract to purchase alcoholic beverages for Dine & Drink, his parents restaurant. The contract is: void as a matter of law
Ruth, a minor, charges groceries at Sam's Mart. Two days later, Ruth disaffirms the purchase. Ruth owes Sam's Mart: the reasonable value of the groceries
Dave signs a contract with Ellen to kill Frank. Ellen pays Dave but he refuses to perform. Ellen can: not enforce the contract
Joy and Karl contract for the sale of Joy's prize-winning show dog for $1,000. Unknown to either party, the dog has died. Karl is: not required to pay due to the mutual mistake
Mike and National Computer Services (NCS) enter into an oral contract under which Mike agrees to program computers for NCS for 2 years. This contract is: not enforceable
Management Associates Corporation wants to sell its office building and furnishings to National Properties, Inc. (NPI). A writing is not required for: the sale of an office chair, valued at $50, to NPI.
Fred and Gail enter into a contract by which Fred promises to deliver fertilizer to Gail. Fred subsequently delegates this duty to Holly. Fred is: the delegator and the obligor
A-1 Construction enters into a contract with Ben to remodel Carol's, using products from Delta Supplies. The remodeling is a gift from Ben to Carol. Halfway through the project, A-1 refuses to finish the job. The contract can be enforced against A-1 by: Ben and Carol only
Kris contracts to work exclusively for Local Company during May for $5000. On April 30, Local cancels the contract. Kris finds another job during May but earns only $3000. Kris files a suit against Local. As compensatory damages, Kris can recover: $2000
Pools, Inc. agrees to build a pool for Sandy, but fails to build it according to the contract specifications. Sandy hires Total Fit It Company to finish the project. Sandy may recover from Pools, Inc.: the costs needed to complete the construction
Mona contracts to repair a computer for New Data, Inc (NDI). Mona knows that without the computer, NDI will lose a sale. Mona does not perform as promised. NDI files a suit against Mona. As consequential damages, NDI can recover: the loss of profit from the lost sale
Fine Properties, Inc. negotiates with General Maintenance Corporation to include a liquidated damages clause in their contract. To be enforceable, at the time of the contract, an estimate of the damages from a breach must be: difficult
Alpha Company and Beta, Inc., enter into an e-contract. A dispute arises, and Alpha files a suit against Beta. Like most courts to date, the court that hears the suit will probably apply: common law contract principles
When a contract falls within the Statute of Frauds and is not reduced to writing, the contract is: unenforceable
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