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Grade 4 B-1 Sci. Def

Chapter 1 Ecosystems

system A group of parts that work together as a unit
stability The condition that exists when the changes in a system over time cancel each other out
ecosystem Groups of living things and the environment they live in
population A group of the same species living in the same place at the same time
community All the populations that live in the same area
habitat An environment that meets the needs of an organism
niche The role or part played by an organism in its habitat
producer A living thing, such as a plant, that makes its own food
consumer A living thing that eats other living things for energy
decomposer A living thing that feeds on the wastes of plants and animals or on their remains after they die
energy pyramid A diagram that shows how much food energy is passed from one organism to another along a food chain
food web A diagram that shows how food chains connect and overlap
climate The average temperature and rainfall of an area over many years
diversity Variety
salinity The amount of salt in water
intertidal zone A narrow strip, along the shore, that is covered with water during high tide and exposed during low tide
near-shore zone Ocean zone that starts at the low-tide mark and goes out into the ocean
open-ocean zones The deep parts of the oceans, located far from shore
Created by: scscolts