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Vocab #1

Words for Internet

Internet network linking smaller networks worldwide
Cyberspace the realm of electronic communication
URL Uniform Resource Locator; protocal for specifying addresses on the internet
Virus segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program (damage or shut down computer
Internet Address absolute network address; examples: .com .edu .org .mil .gov
Bulletn/Message a message related to one or group of people
HTML Hype Text Markup Language; text description language used for electronic publishing
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protcol; standard protocol for transferring hypertext documents
Cache a kind of memory used to make computers work faster
Spam disruptive messages (scams)
Pop-Ups messages that appear o a webpage, sometimes a scam
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protcol - wide area networking protcol that makes the internet work
Bookmark a link to a website saved automatically for quick access
Keyword a word used to classify or organize content to facilltate an online search
Boolean Search a search that includes words AND, OR & NOT to give better and more specfic results
Browse to look through web pages
Digital Footprint a data trail left by interactions in a digital enviroment (can be tracked through anything digital)
Created by: heidi.milbourn