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Arrhythmia Info

Arrhythmia info

What is needed in a code? CPR
When is a positive inotropic drug needed? to increase perfusion
What is an alpha stimulant that is contra-indiacted in hypovolemia? Norepinephrine (Levophed)
What drug can only be given once or twice in a code? Vasopressin
How does the patient feel in third degree heart block? drowsy (dizzy, fatigued)
What causes sinus tachycardia? your 3 morning cups of coffee
How does the patient feel in with an apical heart rate of 80 and 4 PACs per minute? fine
Adenosine (Adenocard) is contr-indicated for patients with__________. asthma
What priority assessments are made of a patient following a transesophageal echocardiogram? gag, LOC, perfusion (bleeding)
The rhythm for a patient in atrial fibrillation will be__________. irregular
In pacemaker talk, the minimum amount of energy needed to ensure capture is called the __________. threshold
How can "frozen sholder" be prevented? passive ROM
What is the best route to administer KCl? oral
What assessment tool during a code indirectly assesses metabolism and circulation capnography
What is essential to know when deciding to continue treatment for a patient in asystole? advance directive
Can an AED be used on anyone? no
In a patient with a demand pacemaker, describe the apical rhythm with a patientexperiencing competition. irregular, sometimes rapid
What treatment is priority for a patient in first degree AV block? observation and assessment
Name one complication of vagal stimulation. asystole, bradycardia, plaque migration
Created by: zajacp