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Jessica Science 8A

Science 8A

Belief in creation takes _____________ faith
Belief in evolution takes ____________ fact
__________ ___________ is the belief that the physical universe, including the earth and all living things, was created by God Biblical creationism
Biblical creationism is not a part of science because science is based on __________ , and no human observed ________. observation, Creation
__________________ is the belief that the physical universe and life were not created, but happened by natural processes. Evolutionism
God ______ things into existence. Spoke
God made everything from _______ nothing
What animal has the strongest heart of any mammal Giraffe
Evolutionist believe that there was one (or very few) simple ______ _______ ________ from which all living things developed single-celled organism
There are a total of 7 biblical teachings concerning Creation. What are the first 5 1. God created by direct acts 2. God sustains His creation 3. God reveals His power through His creation 4. God revealed the sequence of Creation in the Bible 5. God specially created mankind
There are a total of 7 biblical teachings concerning Creation. what are the last two Because God created mankind, mankind is responsible to God. 7. God's creation is degenerating
Even those who have never read the Bible can look at what to know that a powerful, all knowing God exist World or Creation
Give the Days of Creation in order Day 1 - Light and darkness Day 2 - Divided the firmament or water Day 3 - Land and plants Day 4 - Sun, moon, and stars Day 5 - Birds, and fish Day 6 - Land animals and man
Did God "speak" man into existence, if not how did he? NO, he BREATHED into him the breathe of life
What did God give special to mankind that He did not give to other living things a soul
Because of what, the world is no longer perfect and things are getting worse and wearing out. man's sin
The belief that the Creation week consisted of 6 consecutive 24 hour periods literal view or short day view
An interpretation of the Creation account that says that there was a long period of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 Gap theory
The belief that each day of the Creation week was actually a long period of time (not 24 hours but millions or billions of years) Long day theory
The belief that God created life in stages over a long period of time and that evolution and extinction occurred in the intervals between the creative acts progressive creationism
the interpretation of the Bible proposing that God used evolution as His means of creation theistic evolution
The Bible uses ________ to determine the age of the earth which is a listing of a family history such as a "begat" or "son of" genealogy
Young-earth creationists believe that the earth is about _____ years old 6000
Evolutionist believe that the earth is about ________ years old 4.6 billion
any evidence of remains of an organism preserved by natural means fossil
Most fossils are formed by ___________. Fossils must form quickly, before the organisms decompose Sedimentation
What are the three problems with the geologic tracing evolutionary history 1. Some layers are out of order. 2. Some fossils go through several layers that supposedly formed over millions of years 3. Partially evolved organisms are not found in the fossil record
a scientist who studies fossils paleontologist
creationist believe that the majority of the fossils were formed how the flood
Why is the literal view of creation important Because God is all powerful and He does not need, and did not use, millions of years to create
What creation view mixes the Bible and biological evolution theistic evolution
What creation view uses 2 Peter 3:8 for support long day theory
What creation view says there were two separate creations by God gap theory
what creation view says God created things in stages over an extended period progressive creationism
How do most young - earth creationists arrive at their estimate for the age of the earth by using genealogy ..... listing of family history of "begat" and "son of"
True of False -- Most fossils formed by sedimentation True
How do evolutionists explain the fossils seen today? Evolutionist believe fossils indicate that the earth is very old. They say that the rock layers form a record of the earth's history and of the evolution of life forms
How do creationist explain the fossils seen today? by one major catastrophe -- The Genesis Flood
Give four supports for the belief that the Genesis Flood was global 1. A local flood would not have required an ark 2. A local flood would have allowed some people to escape 3. A local flood would not have covered the entire earth with water. 4. A local flood would not have called for God's special promise.
Created by: iplay2wyn