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General Order


The employee’s immediate supervisor is. the Rater
The rater’s immediate supervisor. Reviewer
(Electronic) Employee Performance Mastery System. ePMS
Performance Mastery is a defined as process for aligning an individual’s goals with the agency’s mission and for continually improving individual performance
This epms system will show employees exactly what? outcomes/behaviors are expected of them at all times and considered to be unacceptable and marginal
This system will be used as a two-way communication tool between both supervisor and employee.
Employees will receive ongoing performance feedback to enable them to develop and improve.
Performance mastery is conducted on a yearly cycle
Performance mastery ends with a formal annual evaluation.
all supervisors shall create a Performance Plan for their subordinate employees in the system Each October
An Exit Evaluation will be completed when an employee transfers from a different classification, department or division, or a new probation (i.e., promotion, i.e. from Sgt. to Lt.) occurs.
No exit evaluation is necessary if the employee has been with the current supervisor for less than 90 days
Supervisors may establish a Performance Improvement Plan t anytime during the evaluation cycle.
Each September, all supervisors must complete an annual evaluation on their subordinate employees
Raters are to be evaluated by their supervisors regarding the quality of ratings given employees.
There are three components to a Performance Plan: Universal Responsibilities,Positional Responsibilities,Individual Responsibilities
after receiving his completed performance evaluation to enter a comment into the system regarding any disagreement with his evaluation rating(s).The employee will have fifteen (15) days
Employees that have a conflict with their Annual Evaluation and management’s final response are to be directed to their applicable union procedures governing complaints and grievances
All original documents contained in the supervisor’s file are subject to the rules of the Florida Department of Archives and provisions of the Florida Public Records Law
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