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General Order


The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedure regarding the reporting of name changes, residence changes, contact telephone numbers, marital status, and deaths.
Any member changing their name is required within thirty calendar days after the change, to report to the Personnel Division in person, with a copy of the new social security card
If an employee doesn't have a new social security reflecting there name change, what can be need used instead. the receipt for applying for a new social security card, fill out a new I-9 form,
who can initiate a revised eHR or Personnel Data Sheet (P.D.S.).to change the employee’s name in the official record division. the Personnel staff
Marital status changes (new marriage or divorce), births, deaths, legal additions or death of a dependent family member which will result in a change of benefits must be reported to the City Employee Benefits staff, (904-630-1314) within thirty (30) calendar days of the event
what original documents supporting the changes in Marital status changes (new marriage or divorce), births, deaths, legal additions or death needs to be produced by employee. birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, legal guardianship, adoption papers or death certificate
If employee failure to comply with this requirement for change in status may cause a loss of enrollment right or loss of premium refund
who is responsible for ensuring the changes are reflected in Employee Information System (EIS). Employees are reminded that they are personally responsible
For emergency and recall purposes, all members shall have a contact telephone during off-duty hours
The employee’s listed address and telephone number in the Employee Information System (E.I.S.) shall reflect he employee’s physical address, not a family or mailing address.
Employees shall update any change of address or contact telephone number on the Employee Information System (E.I.S.) within twenty-four hours of their return to duty after the change.
who is authorized to give the contact telephone number of an employee to another employee The Tele-Serv Supervisor
The Communications Center shall not be called for employee telephone numbers, except between midnight and 0600 in emergency situations
The Tele-Serv Supervisor will handle all other inquiries and only for emergency situations, or when EIS is unavailable.
what does HIPAA)stands for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Any medical documents that can specifically identify an employee must be forwarded to the Personnel Division of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to be placed in a secured medical file.
Examples of medical documents include prescriptions, doctor’s notes, physical therapy documentation, and written information regarding an employee’s mental or physical condition.
The law holds violators accountable with civil and criminal penalties that can be imposed if they violate individuals’ privacy rights
Documents containing protected health information that are forwarded to the JSO Personnel Division should be placed in a sealed envelope
once medical documentation is recieved who is responsible for notifing the supervisor of the employee medical restrictions. the Personnel Division
Created by: Ltmalone7728
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