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ACT Vocabulary8

abjure to formally reject often under oath
adroit skillful or resourceful
bewilder to confuse thoroughly
complacent satisfied with one's own condition
dearth a shortage or inadequate supplay
elicit to draw out or evoke
exemplary worthy of imitation, commendable
feign to fake or pretend
grimace frown or scowl
hubris arrogance, vanity
impassive without feeling or emotion
insolent speaking or behaving with contempt
laconic using few words, concise
marsupial mammal who carries young in a pouch
noxious deadly, toxic, harmful
pithy brief and meaningful, expressive
pugnacious tending to quarrel or fight
recant retract, withdraw a statement
sequester to seclude, or set apart
spartan rigorous, severely disciplined
subterranean underground, hidden
tenacious persevering
upbraid to criticize severely
verdant green, flourishing, lush
wield brandish, manage, use
Created by: JasperACTprep