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Tridentine Credo

vocabulary in Old Rite Creed

credo - credere - credidi - creditus to believe
in in, on, into
unus - una - unum one
Deus - dei - M God
Pater - patris - M father
omnipotens - omnipotentis all powerful
factor - factoris - M maker
caelum - caeli - N heaven
et and
terra - terrae - F earth
omnis - e all
visibilis - e visible
invisibilis - e invisible
Dominus - domini - M Lord
Jesus Jesus
Christus - Christi - M Christ
filius - filii - M son
Deus - dei - M God
unigenitus - unigenita - unigenitum only begotten
ex from, out of
nascor - nasci - natus sum to be born
ante before
saeculum - saeculi - N age, century, world
de down from, from, about, concerning
lumen - luminis - N light
verus - vera - verum true
facio - facere - fēci - factus to make, do
consubstantialis - consubstantiale of one substance
per through
gigno - gignere - genui - genitus to beget
propter for, on behalf of
homo - hominis - M man, mankind
salus - salutis - F welfare, safety, salvation
descendo - descendere - descendi - descensus to descend
incarnor - incarnari - incarnatus sum to be made flesh
Spiritus - spiritus - M Spirit
sanctus - sancta - sanctus holy
Maria - Mariae - F Mary
virgo - virginis - F Virgin
Pontius Pilatus Pontius Pilate
etiam also, even
sub under
crucifigo - crucifigere - crucifixi - crucifixus to crucify
patior - pati - passus sum to suffer
sepelio - sepelire - sepelivi or sepelli - sepultus to bury
resurgo - resurgere - resurrexi - resurrectus to rise
tertius - tertia - tertium third
dies - diei - M day
secundum according to
scriptura - scripturae - F scripture
ascendo - ascendere - ascendi - ascensus to rise
sedeo - sedēre - sēdi - sessus to sit
dexter - dextera - dexterum right
iterum again
venio - venire - vēni - ventum to come
cum with
gloria - gloriae - F glory
judico - judicare - judicavi - judicatus to judge
vivus - viva - vivum living
mortuus - mortuua - mortuum dead
regnum - regni - N kingdom
non not
finis - finis - M end
vivifico - vivificare - vivificavi - vivificatus to give life
qui - quae - quod who, which, that
simul at the same time
adoro - adorare - adoravi - adoratus adore
conglorifico - conglorificare - conglorificavi - conglorificatus to glorify
loquor - loqui - locutus sum to speak
propheta - prophetae - M prophet
catholicus - catholica - catholicum Catholic
apostolicus - apostolica - apostolicum apostolic
ecclesia - ecclesiae - F church
confiteor - confitēri - confessus sum confess
baptisma - N baptism
remissio - remissionis - F remission
peccatum - peccati - N sin
exspecto - exspectare - exspectavi - exspectatus await, expect
resurrectio - resurrectionis - F resurrection
Created by: Magistra Hahn