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mechanics 1

vocabulary pack 1

alignment the arrangement of a machine's compnents so that they are "lined up" according to design requirements
aluminum a silvery white metal that is soft, light, and an effective conductor
analog a type of readout that uses dials with scales inscribed on them to display
measurement dimensions on the lathe
axial runout a type of alignment that describes the work-piece when one end is concentric and the other is not
axis an imaginary straight line that is used to measure the dimensions of an object
backlash the relative movement of interlocked mechanical parts that occurs when motion is reversed
blueprint a document containing all the instructions necessary to manufacture a part
calibrations the comparison of a device with unknown accuracy to a device with a known, accurate standard to eliminate any variation in the device being checked
caliper a measuring instrument with two pairs of jaws on one end and a long beam containing a marked scale of unit divisions.
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